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How to Fix a Crushed Fabric Flower

Who doesn’t love baby accessories? Especially those cute flower headbands. They are perfect for any occasion and leave your little princess looking her absolute best. The sad part, fabric flowers crush and bend easily. If you are searching for ways to fix that, then search no more. Here are three easy steps to fix crushed/bent fabric flowers and the best part, this only takes ten minutes.

What you will need:

·         Flat surface (table or floor)

·         A blow dryer 

Before Picture


You will notice the petals towards the middle are crushed and facing the wrong direction.

First step:

Turn the flower over, use high heat and point the blow dryer right at the end of the petals. Hold for a couple of seconds just until the flower gets enough heat to mold the petals back into place.  Do not over do it as you can easily loosen the glue or burn the fabric.


This will take care of the back of the flower and you will notice the petals are getting smooth and facing in the right direction.


Second step 

Turn the flower over so now it is facing upwards. Point the heat at the centre of the flower and again hold for a couple seconds. 

Third Step

If you notice some petals are still bent, while the flower is still hot press face down to get all petals back into place.


End result:

Share with us your experience and tell us what you think.

January 26, 2013 4 tags (show)